Dear Friend,

I remember years ago, someone told me I should take caution when it comes to life, I did. And so can you. To hear about how much you have suffered, all this time really hurt me and now things make sense. I'm here to help you and guide you. Don't be afraid. Something like Depression is a tough thing to handle, especially by yourself and I thank God you can through this hurdle with support from your family, because I never had the chance of family support myself. iRecoverBipolar is my support. This is my self-therapy, my safe haven, my addiction, my bipolar world, and I want to let you in and share it with you. I promise to be there for you whenever you need me or any of our other friends in our place of education, I'll do my best to answer your questions to the best of my ability and experience and let you know that you're not alone. 

Take charge of your life, think happiness, and always speak what's on your mind. Never bottle things up, I learned that the hard way. I want you to visit this site because through my experiences, it may give you something more clear to focus on, to understand what's in your mind, the way your brain thinks and why it appears so. Don't worry, you won't figure everything out overnight, it took me three years. Just be patient, and things will begin to shape up.

I love you, I'm here to support you all the way so keep holding on :)

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